Certified Developers?

Hiya, Do we have any Certified developers /Navision consultants in India now? I just remember one or two oldies. Just wondering how s Navision picking up in India… Cheers, Sharan.

Hi sharandeep Navision — Attain? I can tell you about axapta in india. There are only few in india and that too only in Three companies 1. Navision India 2. Sofosphere , Delhi 3. Euro Infosys, Delhi regards Vaibhav Pednekar

Hi Sharan, I think Navision is doing great in india…atleast on West front. About certified people ,i dont have much idea about other NSCs but our NSC itself has 2 certified developers.So one can say that navision has finally started rolling in india… Regards, Rajesh

Yeah Thats right, our NSC has two certified developers. We’ve just completed an implementation. Its really nice to hear from u Sharan. And Navision is making a slow and a steady progress in India. Regards Akshay

Hi all, Good to see/ know that Navision is picking up in India. I just wanted to keep abreast with the latest , thats why the question ( Not looking for any programmers at this time ) :=) Cheers, Sharan.


Hey guys…no misinterpretations plz!!! Enjoy!!

Hi ppl!! nice sense of humour [;)][;)] but frankly speaking that was the last thing on my mind when i wrote that line… Smile, Rajesh

Hi Rajesh, Its ok, u wrote the reality. We need to market it aggressively in india and hope we get all the same support from navision. regards vaibhav pednekar

Good to see some certifications there…as its a mess trying to sell Navision without certified people most of the times! Cheers, sharan.

Ya that is correct…I also would like to add the following The pricing factor is also the one which influences selling Navision to a major extent in a price sensitive market like India. Regards Akshay