Certification Path

Hi All, [:D]I have just passed the Navision Essentials exam; [?]# 1 Must i sit for the Overview or I can go straight to the Specialists eg Distribution, Manufacturing etc [?] # 2. Within Navision Academy; Are there any CBT CD’s for the specialist Areas like Distribution, Financilas, Manufacturing etc? Yes, I can bear cost for freight and purchase Anybody with the pdfs for Attain 3.10…Plse forward. Thanx Very much Cheers, Steve

Hi Why didn’t you post the same posting in each section of this forum [;)]? To post a question once is enough. The reasons why nobody answer could be: - your question is not clear (IMHO your point 1. an 2.) - nobody knows an answer You can find some pdf’s on the Attain product CD. bye André