Certification Path

Hi All, I have just passed the Navision Essentials exam; # 1 Must i sit for the Overview or I can go straight to the Specialists eg Distribution, Manufacturing etc # 2. Within Navision Academy; Are there any CBT CD’s for the specialist Areas like Distribution, Financilas, Manufacturing etc? Yes, I can bear cost for freight and purchase Anybody with the pdfs for Attain 3.10…Plse forward. Thanx Very much Cheers, Steve

Tut tut cross forum posting [}:)]. Watch out for Erik as he does his impression of a tonne of bricks! [:D] In the UK you cannot sit any of the specialist exams until you have the NCR qualification (although rules have been bent as always). I am unsure if your Essentials exam is the equivalent of this, but if you ask your NTR I am sure they will tell you.