Certification for NAV

Hi Friends

I am just a beginner in NAV 5.0 . I am working as Navision Support trainee in a company so i need to be certified in NAV but i still don’t know how long time it takes for me to study every material required for certification. Are there any training courses available to help me ready for certification. My background is I am graduated in Computer science and i have little knowledge of Accounting so I want to help me based on your experience and the courses I should be ready for .

Thanks all

You can find training material and certification information on partnersource and/or customersource, get with your senior or whoever is in charge of NAV at your company to get access. What to start with depends on what your work has you do. If your support job has you answering questions about how NAV works then you want to do things like the intro exam, the trade exam, inventory, manufacturing, that sort of thing depending on the field that you get most questions in.

You have the word ‘developer’ as a tag though so it also seems like you do development work. If you do then you will need to do the C/SIDE Introduction and the C/SIDE Development classes.

Thank you Denster for the quick reply and I wil do things on development work so may be I should take courses on C/SIDE development classes. Still I am not clear about the time took me to prepare for the exam . I want to be certified on Microsoft Dynamic Nav.

How should I know how much time you need to prepare? That depends on how much time you want to spend each day, and how fast you can learn. Some people take 2 days, other people take 4 weeks. Some people can dedicate all of their time, other people only have 1-2 hours a day to work on this. It depends, take a look at the training material and make a plan for studying.