Centralized Payments for Multiple Hierarchies AX 2012 r2

Hi All,

I have a scenario where i am stuck at in Centralized payments.

For example if i have 10 legal entities. And I have already enabled Centralized payments setup for LegalEntity A, B & C.

Hierarchy is like this



That means when i go to Org Admin > Organization hierarchies > Centralized payments > Click View
I can see both Legal Entities B, C are under Legal Entity A.

So now i have a scenario where i want to setup Centralized Payment for another Set of legal entities.
I want to setup Centralized payment for Legal Entity D and E

I want it like this


So I want E to be below D in hierarchy.

So when i went to centralized payment and click view and click Edit, I am not able to add a new one as it already had A,B,C hierarchy there.

What i am supposed to do now?

Do i need to create another Oranization Hierarchy named Centralizedpayments XX and create this hierarchy of D, E there?
or any other way with out affecting the A.B.C hierarchy?

I am able to figure out a way.

I Created new Organization Hierarchy Named Centralized Banking. From Org Admin > Setup > Organization > Organization Hierarchies.

Then I went to GL > Setup > Posting > Intercompany Accunting > And added D in E legal Entity

Did same like above time by Adding E in D legal entity in Intercompany Accounting screen.

Then i went back to Organization hierarchies > Selected Centralized banking > Clicked View and Added like this



Then Clicked on Purpose > Selected Centralized Payments > Clicked Add > Now Centralized Banking option shows up. > CLicked Add

In this way, i didnt tough A,B,C mapping. And I am able to acheive Centralized payment functionality for D & E.