Centralized Capacity Planning


Can any one tell me , is there any possibility of running centralized capacity planing in Ax 4.0 or any workaround???


Sasi Kumar

Can you define your question in a different manner? AX has capacity planning against work centres, and it is centralised, run with the planning engine across all warehouses and work centres - so what is it missing you require?

Thanx for your reply.

I throw my question in this way…

I have created 4 companies and i want to run a master planning from a single place(i mean a company headquarters with 3 branches wants run a MPS from Headquarters)

Because, the workcenters are different in each company and i dont know how to run a consolidated(centralised) capacity planning in this case.

Thanx in advance


Are the companies separate legal entities? If not put them in the same company and use the site dimension to distinguish between them. If they are separate you would need to talk to MS - you can virtualise tables to make them common, but there is a hell of a lot of thought that would need to go into this.