catch weight setup CW unit missing

Hello everyone,

while adding CW to the item CW unit is not showing in the drop down.this happens only in one site while other sites are working properly.



Have you specified the inventory unit for that item?

What does that mean?

yes I specified inventory unit for it.even added unit conversion for inventory unit and purchase unit.

If you have specified an inventory unit for that item and the CW unit look up will show all the units in unit conversion related to the inventory unit.
I don’t have access to AX 2009 with process industries to check this.

during addtion of unit conversion it is showing but while adding CW it shows blank.for other sites it is coming only for one site this problem coming.
I set access of Basic->unit and security setting of forms but it still not coming

I am still not clear on this? Can you please explain?

Does this work for a user with full access?

there are 3 other sites(company ) where CW unit is available while adding CW for item.
I assign a user full access but still it is not showing CW unit.

The only requirement is to have the inventory unit and conversions for inventory unit. Those units will be shown in the lookup. I would suggest to have a developer to investigate this further.

as per my understanding there is no problem from coding side as it is working good in other site.All the function and classes are common.

Hi, I am not saying there is an issue with the code. There could be a data issue or something that is stopping to show the data in the lookup. For that purpose you may need a developer to investigate the issue.

I am sure we had the conversation previously.

This is an AX2009 setup, it always used to work but the person that used to setup and configure it has left and you are trying to do it, everything looks correct but it is not working - is this the same or a different post?

There is something related to the item record or UOM record in the data that is not correct, you need to get a developer to tell you the logic of display of that field was my last suggestion I believe, because the conditions the system requires are not being met

yes Mr.Adam,
you are correct.right now I am doing same method of CW in 3 different domains and only I have problem with 1 domain.doing on test environment it is showing.
If you can advice on how developer will check then this might help me.

how does the domain matters here?

The DEV should be having his/her own way of investigating. If not, ask the developer to start debugging the lookup method of CW unit lookup method.

Not a developer, but you have the form that is blank, ask the developer what conditions need to be met to either populate it or allow selection for population.