Catalog items - stock tracking

Hi all,

I have currently made setup of workflow in purchase requsition and defined some catalog service items in AX2009. Thats how e.g. retail company should buy non core business items - items for their own usage (e.g. furniture). Thats nice and clear.

Problem: There is requirement to track stock quantities of these items.

Question1: Is it possible to use items instead of services for catalog/non catalog items?

Question2: What all will be influenced? I guess stock value, seperate site/warehouse/location will be propably needed as the requirement is to buy the product by HQ and then send it to a branch. Any other impacts/setup needed, not to influence core business?

Any experience/hint welcome.

Thank you

Question 1: If you want to track stock, without any additional development (which will be needed to have “stock” of services or fixed assets), you need to use items for those non core bussiness items.

Question 2: You will influence the core bussiness according to item group and inventory model group parameters mainly, in this last parameters (inventory model rgoup) you would have the option not to have an accounting integration of those items, but yes physical inventory.

Hope this is what you need. Regards

Thanks for your point of view. Another option came on my mind:

Use service items for catalogue/non catalogue items, Create PO from Purchase Requisition (using work flow), base on PO create fix asset. Make some development above fix asset functionalit to track physical movement, unless the need to track fin. movement (it might be covered by landing).

This would not influence phys. inventory and value of core business items, since all accounting would be in relation to fixed assets.

Could this work?