Cash return to a customer

Dear All, i want to post a General Journal Line Document Type = Payment Account Type = Customer Debit Amount Bal. Account Type = Bank Account I need debit amount in the line because it’s a cash return to a customer. Also, I need the document type because it’s used in my reports on Customer Ledger Entry. But Attain does not allow to post a debit customer payment. I’ll highly appreciate if anyone suggests a walkaround without modification of 11th and 13th codeunits. Also, Void Check is not an option for me. Thanks and regards Andriy PS: I use Attain 3.10

If document type must be payment then I think you are stuck. If you really don’t want to change the codeunits then I can only suggest posting the journal with a blank document type and then editing the ledger entry tables afterwards (Customer, Detail customer, Bank and G/L). I don’t think these table are protected from editing the codument type field directly in the table.

We use Refund as Document type instead of Payment. Perhaps easier to change your report that it will take both payment and refunds than to change in posting routine? Daniel

Daniel, thanks a lot it’s exactly what i need i have to pay more attention to system doc thanks again [:)]