Cash Receipts/Deposits

Hello All: Does anyone know of an Add-On or Modification that has been made to make the Deposit function in Navision more robust? I need it to apply 1 check to multiple Customers and would like to enter adjustments (write-off’s or debits/credits) during deposit entry.

1 check to multiple customers??

We use an add-on - Cash Manager “Fast Cash” Is your situation a parent-child relationship between accounts? ex p-bed bath & beyond (1 check) c-store#23 c-store#24 c-store#25 etc… This can all be solved by having each store just a ship-to but they are set up as seperate accounts. This addon allows us to put in one giant check from the parent company & in the deposits it opens up all the open entries from all the child companies. It’s a simple check box to pay off what you want & another check box to accept payment shorts or overages. Also it makes the credits’ negative & invoices positive so it looks right to the eye. we use this for 3.10 i believe the newer versions have better deposit functionality

H Ruiz… Where did you get this add-on? Does the company have a web site? Does it handle invoice short pays/over pays and misc deductions on the remittance advice? Thanks.

H Ruiz: What you describe is perfect. Who designed the Add-On? Do you have an NSC Name? PLease Advise. Thanks, Steve

Our Provider is Access It I don’t believe they created it but this is where we got it.

Have any of you contacted Access? I was wondering who the creator was also.

I have not contacted Access as my Solution Center has an Add-On that is perfect, fully-functional and covers all the areas (Payment Discount, Write-Off, Chargeback) that we need in doing Deposits (C/R).


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Have any of you contacted Access? I was wondering who the creator was also.