Cash Receipt Journal

I just found this issue in our system and I need your help to fix it asap. When I make a payment thru Cash Receipt Journal and apply it to the open invoices in Cust. Ledger Entry; the system doesn’t populate the Salesperson code that is recorded under the invoices. What the system takes is the Salesperson code from Customer Card. It would be great if the system can overwrite the Salesperson code that is showing in the invoices. Even though you still can change it manually in Cash Receipt Journal when you realize the salesperson code is different but it’s impossible for us to check it one by one from thousand of payments. This issue creates a problem for us when doing reconciliation between the payments and invoices for each Salesperson. I looked into the Form 232 – Apply Customer Entry but the coding behind the form is pretty complicated and I need to make sure that I will fix it right. Please help me to solve. Thank you, ZEN [:)]

Hello Zen, if you are using “Applies-to Doc. No.” then the fix is quite easy, if you are using “Applies-to ID” then the recommendation is to switch to use “Applies-to Doc. No.” Navision uses the Salesperson Code from the Customer Card, once you select the customer and assigns it to the field Salespers./Purch. Code on the journal line. When selecting the invoice to apply, is is necessary that the Salespers./Purch. Code get’s updated from the Cust. Ledger Entry. This is achieved by adding the following line of code into the General Journal Table, T81, Field 36, Applies-to Doc. No., OnLookup Trigger: END; "Applies-to Doc. Type" := CustLedgEntry."Document Type"; "Applies-to Doc. No." := CustLedgEntry."Document No."; "Applies-to ID" := ''; //New Line To assign SalesPerson Code from Ledger Entry "Salespers./Purch. Code" := CustLedgEntry."Salesperson Code"; END ELSE CLEAR(ApplyCustEntries); END; This will solve the issue when selecting the ledger entry via the lookup, and hopefully reaches you in time… In order to inlcude this update when entering the invoice no. directly into the field will require a bit more of coding - please let me know if you’d need that part as well. Saludos Nils

Nils, You are awesome!!![Wow!] I didn’t expect that easy because I thought the fixing is in the form 232. The problem is solved. Two thumbs up from me to you! Thank you so very much. ZEN [:)]

You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure to help with this kind of feedback [:D] Saludos Nils

I must say that memebrs that giove positive feedback are much more likely to get fast helpfull advise inthe future also. Zen. I hope more people will follow your example.[^]

I never think my sincere thank you is also turn to positive feedback from the experts. Hhmm…it’s great and very interesting. ZEN [^]


I never think my sincere thank you is also turn to positive feedback from the experts

In fact it is [;)] This is a bunch of volunteers here at this forum, starting with Erik in first place, who enjoy to help people, who want you to learn Navision, who want that more and more people (both implementors and end users) are satisfied using Navision - and nothing better than a sincere “Thank you” and feedback on your personal progress in this Navision “adventure”. Saludos Nils

And its not just the thank you. An even bigger issue, is that sometimes people join MBSOnline, ask a question, and there are many replies, people spending time to help, and then we never hear from the person again. So we don’t even know if the person read the replies, or if they helped them. Please everyone, if you get an answer to your question, please let us know if it helps. Zen, thanks for the feedback. [:D]

That’s very true. Lots of people concern only for the big things but sometimes they forget to do simple thing (like thank you); it’s an advice from my parents though……hopes it’s not naïve. They always say 1 million dollar is never become a million if lost 1 penny. I hope the experts realize that the helps are very important and meaning to lots of people. I believe thousands of people out there agree with this. I think it’s wonderful when people care and help each other without any interests and boundaries (relatives, friends, ethnicity, and etc); it’s all about the helps. You guys keep rocking………let’s give applaud to the experts……… ZEN