Cash Forecasting in Navision 4.0

Hi All!

Is there any standard functionality in Navision 4.0 that allows for cash flow forecasting and generate reports on cash forecast?

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Hi Beatrice

The simple answer is no from a “cash flow” perspective, however there are many reports that will help you gain a lot of the information that makes up the basis of a cashflow (depending upon your definitions and format). The receivables-payables report being a starting point, the detail is in the aged accounts reports etc etc.

In german version there is a module for Liquidity Forecast, I don’t know if it is what you are looking for.

Thanks for your reply.

Patty, can you please give me more information on the Liquidity Forecast?

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here is the description of the granule, if you are a partner you can download german version from partnersource, otherwise is better you ask to your NSC or ask here to some German guy/girl

This granule offers the basis for setting up a liquidity prognosis of your company. By the means of liquidity cards you can save any liquidity prognosis you made to achieve a complete history. The structuring of your liquidity plan takes place on the basis of an individual chart of accounts, so structure can e. g. be developed on the basis of bank accounts. Reports can be built up on this structure. In the liquidity prognosis data from financial accounting, sales & receivables, payable & purchase and fixed assets can be considered. The transfer of open entries, orders, liquid funds, budgets and planned investments of fixed assets into the liquidity prognosis takes place by function. Additionally neutral incomes and costs can be defined. The paying habits of customers and vendors can be determined and considered for the computation in the liquidity prognosis. Over an integrated document search you can access the original documents. Reports and windows for liquidity development and liquidity trends top the module off. The account schedules make alternative preparation of your data easy. These can be internally used evaluations (e.g. a liquidity plan) or individual reports (e.g. computation of liquid level). In order to receive your desired evaluations you can sum up and combine individual accounts of the liquidity chart of accounts in an account schedule. Unlimited schedules can be designed and saved. By previewing or printing a schedule all balances, account groups and sums are actually calculated. You can even work with formulas. The setting of filters on date and dimensions is possible. Furthermore you can specify which columns should be printed and what they should contain. The schedule can be exported to Microsoft Excel.