Dear Experts Is there anything called “CASH FLOW STATEMENT” in Financial module??? If yes where can I find it??? and is it in a form of a report??? PLease reply me ASAP … My client wants to know like YESTERDAY Shilpa

Hi Shlipa, There nothing like that in Standard Navision. May be you have create new report or modify Day Book Cust. Ledger Entry

Account schedule. I allready answered this on mibuso.


Shipla, like Trial Balances, P/L statements Balance sheets etc. There are farily well know ideas of what these should look like, but since each country has different rewuirements, and each user has different ways they need to see the data, Navision provides you with Account Schedules. These allow you as an NSC to set up basica structures for your client based on their G/L and their specific business needs, and then the client can them selves copy and modify these Accoutn Schedules. This give the client a lot of flexibility in G/L reporting. Definitely its an area to spend some time playing with and learning. And of course that’s why we have the beginers forum, to help you get started. Please keep the questions coming, they are most welcomed.

Correct, Use the one Navision has in Cronus. Go to the check list and copy the ones from Cronus to your new company. Otherwise, Create a new Acct. Schedule. Go to Cronus, Highlight everything then copy. Go back to you new company Acct. Schedule and paste. Do the same thing to Columns. Once there are copied, change the rows GL Accounts Numbers to match your real one. Take care,

Hey there, standard Nav 5.0 SP1 has the Cashflow Compare report.

This may or may not suit your client’s requriements, but it is worth a look.

See Financial Management > Cash Management > Reports > Cashflow Compare