Cash flow & fund flow statement

Pls. let me know the proceedure of preparation of Cash Flow Statement & Fund Flow Statement through Account Schdule functions of Navision



Sorry images didn’t upload. Start from Cronus

How to add two specific rows together

  1. Let’s start with an account schedule that already exists. The screen below is where we define the account schedule .(Financial Mgmt. ->Analysis and Reporting → Account Schedules Look at the BALANCE SH account schedule)

  2. When a row has the “Formula” in the Totaling Type Column, it that the value in that row will be some result based off of other rows. In the example below the syntax 11…14 indicates that it will this row will be the sum of the rows identified as 11 through 14. (Check out row A02)

  3. One of the confusing things about this screen is that there are multiple ways to say the same thing. In fact, there are (at least) 3 different ways to sum rows. All of these three expressions will sum rows 11 through 14:

  • 11…14 (used for summing a contiguous range of rows)
  • 11|12|13|14 (used for summing any individually named rows)
  • 11+12+13+14 (used for summing any individually named rows)
  1. In fact, you can use most any mathematical formula you like here (subtraction, division, multiplication, etc.). Navision will respect the normal order of operators. Hit F1 when on the Totaling field to find out more.

  2. You may be a little confused by the lines that say “Posting Accounts” that have values in the Totaling column that don’t correspond to names of rows. When the Totaling Type is “Posting Accounts” the fields in the Totaling column refer to G/L Accounts not named rows in the account schedule..

  3. Now click the Acc. Sched. Button and Overview to see what it looks like. As you can see the “Total Fixed Assets” row (A1) is the sum of the four lines above it.

How to add two specific columns together

  1. This is a bit more difficult, because in addition to modifying the way the column layout is defined (which is almost the same as you did above), you will also have to use that column layout with your account schedule. We’ll start be looking at a column layout definition. (Financial Mgmt.-> Setup → General → Column Layouts)

  2. Here, I’ve added a name to the Balance column (B) and created a new column (Test Column) that takes the values in the Balance column and divides it by 100, by setting the column Type to Formula. (in Forumla column type B/100)

  3. The Ledger Entry Type and Amount type values don’t mean anything when the Column Type is set to Formula. To find out more about the other available fields, click F1 on them. You can do some pretty powerful things here with dates.

  4. Here’s our result:

The new column behaves as advertised!

The Account schedule overview changed because we used the same Column Layout Name that we changed (see the top red arrow). Usually, since column layouts are re-used between account schedules, you are going to want to create any entirely new column layout. When you do that, you have to select the new column layout before using it.


My name is narayan i thought i could learn this report but i am unable to see this image pls can u again attach it ina word file pls



I created a download that you can check out here:

Content selectorGetting Started with Account Schedules

This will show you how to start using account schedules and their column layouts. It won’t teach what a Cash Flow statment is :slight_smile:

For that you’ll have to learn some accounting, but you should be able to find that out here:


Thanx for your documentation

If u could tell me where i get a report for trial Balance

We tried to get that but even the Zero Column comes in the Trial Balance

Client is requesting for a report and not on accounts schedule

Pls help me’



Go to the object designer, click on reports, on the description field look for “Detail Trial Balance”

Those NAV guys think of everything!

I was wondering if you figured out how to set up the Cash Flow Statement through the Account Scedule function. I am having difficulties setting it up.



Did you download the documentation above Debbie? Where are you running into trouble?