Cash Application?

I received a payment from a customer in June 02, however I did not apply the payment to any invoice at the time. Now I want to apply the payment to an old invoice from June 02. However, when I try to do this I get an error message stating that the posting date is not within my range. I could easly change my range to June, but that would make the entry in June. I want to apply the amount today and make any entries today (Sept 02). Is there something wrong with my set-up or anything else? Thank-you in advance Rob

Hi, System will post transactions only if you use Unrealized VAT or Sales Tax Function. If you do not use one of these functions just change your allowed posting dates and apply. If you use one of these functions I would recommend make two Customer Transactions from General Journal with Today’s date. Apply one transaction to invoice another to payment. Total for these transactions should be 0.

I’m not sure what the entries that you wish to make today are. If the payment and invoice were posted in June, and you now only wish to apply those against each other, your date setup should have no effect. Is something else involved such as payment discount?

We had this problem, so we setup a User called CASHAPP with permission to only post journals and modify Ledger Entries, and didn’t enter any date restrictions

Hello, I understand that this has been changed for Attain, so that you can now do this.