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Hi, I am working as a Navision Developer in UK, I want to switch over on Axapta. Can anyone guide me how can I get a job on Axapta (as a trainee or something) cheers Dave Robertson UK

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Do you really have any Job [:D] I and my cooleagues have tried you many times Unprofessional guy [V]

Dave, Yes I do have a number of jobs that I would be able to help you with. I am concerned that you and your colleagues have tried me a number of times as I cannot find you on our database. If you are serious about looking please call me on 020 8973 3333 and I will run through all the jobs with you it will be then up to you if you wish to use me. Regards, Chris

Chris, I also sent you many mails in responce to your advertised positions but never got a responce. ??? Regards, Anuj

Anuj, I have responded to you in fact my last response to you was July 14th this year, you have not included a valid telpehone number so I have not been able to speak to you, and you have not answered any questions as to validity of your work permit for Europe. As good as I am I cannot recruit you to work for a firm in Europe which is your desire if you do not have a valid work permit or a working telephone number. Regards, Chris