Capturing User who deleted the record Using CDC( to capture changes in AX Tables)

We are using change data capture to track the changes in the AX Tables.

Its working fine for insert and update operations. But coming to delete operation, we are not getting the user who deleted the record.

CDC captures the record before delete. So if user1 modifies the record the modified by value will be user1. Now if user2 deletes the record , CDC captures the record before delete which means the modifiedby field value is user1. But user2 has deleted the record. So we need to capture who deleted the record(user2).

Is there any work around to achieve this using CDC.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance .

You can achieve it with AX database logging.

Thanks for the reply.

We are supposed to use only CDC. I think database logging is another way for auditing.But we are using only CDC. Cant we acheive this using CDC?

I don’t see any way.

Thanks. As i dont have any other option i have tried Database logging to capture username for delete operation. Thanks.