After some reading i found out that CaptionClass was something i needed in my code… ref. a older post i did in here. But after i have used for a while i tried to make an errorbox with Captionfield on the tablefield i used. Like this: IF “Service Item Group” = ‘’ THEN ERROR(Text002,Rec.FIELDCAPTION(“Object No.”),“Object No.”,Rec.FIELDCAPTION(“Service Item Group”)); I would asume that my captionclass who would now say “Machine” rather then “Object No.” would work just fine caz of my CaptionClass. But nope… sorry to inform my selfe…this did not work. So i ask u more experinced who know more then me [:p] Is there something i did wrong or dont CaptionClass work with CaptionField? Regards Frode Dahl aimit as

What is in the Text002

Hi Frode, the documentation doesnt seem to mention captionclasses at any point. Unless I am wrong, I suppose you will just have to use AppMgt.CaptionClassTranslate(xx) to get the caption instead. You may want to put in a request for Navision to implement this as I can see it being useful one day, especially as people start to use captionclasses and fieldrefs more. Regards, Edward.