Caption Classes

Hi, Has anybody any experience in using the caption class property. What I need to do is create a label with the caption set to the value in a text box. The documentation is quite weak on what this property actually does, any info would be much appreciated. Thanks

Caption classes are managed by the function CaptionClassTranslate in codeunit 1. You can, for example, add a new value to the caption class and manage it in a special function you create. For example you make this: CaptionClassTranslate(Language: Integer; CaptionExpr: Text[80]): Text[80] CommaPosition := STRPOS(CaptionExpr,’,’); IF (CommaPosition > 0) THEN BEGIN CaptionArea := COPYSTR(CaptionExpr,1,CommaPosition - 1); CaptionRef := COPYSTR(CaptionExpr,CommaPosition + 1); CASE CaptionArea OF ‘1’ : EXIT(DimCaptionClassTranslate(Language,CaptionRef)); ‘2’ : EXIT(VATCaptionClassTranslate(Language,CaptionRef)); // My New Value ‘3’ : EXIT(MyCaptionClassTranslate(Language,CaptionRef)); END; END; EXIT(’’); where MyCaptionClassTranslate is a function added in codeunit 1 that exit a text(80) with the caption you want. That’s only an easy example. Bye, Marco

official mbs advice is to start own CaptionArea nos. in the range 50.000 - 99.999 for customer modifications in accordance to object ids. This avoids problems since standard might use other caption classes in the future. you never now…