Caption Class

Navision Attain uses the CaptionClass property of controls on the form to display the correct caption for dimensions. Has any body found out how this property works and what do the values ie ‘1,2,4’ mean. Paul Baxter

Paul, 1) C/AL Help has an section on CaptionClass 2) Call up codeunit 1 - there’s a whole story on the caption class usage in the Documentation section (very unusual for Navision!) The Dimensions 1,2,4 etc. refer to the fields Shortcut Dimension 1, Shortcut Dimension 2, and so on, as found under General Ledger, Set up, General Ledger Setup, Dimensions tab. John

Thanks John I still struggle to switch to C/Al help in Attain but I will get it right some time soon. Does everybody now find it a struggle to debug forms with dimensions on as it keeps going to codeunit 1 all the time. Paul Baxter

The value in the CaptionClass property is passed to code unit 1 the function with ID=15. It returns a text string and that string is used as the caption of the field. Thats all there is to it. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@home.com___________

hi david,

we have a scenarios where i tried not to modified codeunit 1 for returning captions.

i do have a table column required to display location code as caption, i cant ‘hard coded’ it as we are using this objects for different countries, group of users.

i tried to put something like this in my variable name location1 captionclass: GetName(1)