Caption Class Property

Hi, In Production BOM table added new 6 columms and setup caption for these columns in Manufacturing setup table. I have changed the codeunit 1:ApplicationManagement CaptionClassTranslate function and included ‘9’ as CaptionArea. Then i included my function for getting the captions from Manufacturing setup. CaptionClassTranslate code ========================== CommaPosition := STRPOS(CaptionExpr,’,’); IF (CommaPosition > 0) THEN BEGIN CaptionArea := COPYSTR(CaptionExpr,1,CommaPosition - 1); CaptionRef := COPYSTR(CaptionExpr,CommaPosition + 1); CASE CaptionArea OF ‘1’ : EXIT(DimCaptionClassTranslate(Language,CaptionRef)); ‘2’ : EXIT(VATCaptionClassTranslate(Language,CaptionRef)); ‘9’ : EXIT(ProductBOMCaption(CaptionRef)); END; END; EXIT(’’); I had compiled the object and tried opening the Production BOM table and found the caption are blank. I had invoked the bebugger and found the modifications what i have made in CodeUnit1 is not seem to be compiled and saved. When i open the Codeunit 1 in object designer the piece of code i have written is there. It is strange that while executing from where navision takes Codeunit1. Or is my understanding is wrong that we cannot change codeunit1 at all. Please help… Thanks

Resart your Navision session. It seems that, although the property is not set, codeunit 1 is a single instance codeunit. If i’m not mistaken.

Hi Emiel, I had restarted the Navision session again. It started working fine. Yes your are right, Codeunit 1 is single instance codeunit. Thanks & Regards