Caption Class on CommandButton

Has anyone ever tried (and has been successfull) with using caption class on other controls than fields ?

Hi Thomas, What specific controls are you thinking of? Unbound controls on a Form? [edit] DUH! I only read the Topic Subject after posting… sorry! [xx(] Anyway, I was just now trying it out for CommandButtons and it doesn’t seem to work neither on the Command Button itself nor on a Label belonging to the CommandButton.

Just tried sticking a Label and a TextBox in front of the CommandButton but had no luck. The button becomes “unclickable”.

The only solution I found so far is to place a Textbox behind the pushbutton and make the button transparent with no caption [:S]. On XP it is loosing the XP style of course. In fact I find it stupid to provide the Caption class property and then it does not work.[V]