"Capacity reservation" in production

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what is the meaning of capacity reservation in AX2012 production module?

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You have a resource that works 8 hours a day. This is 8 hours capacity. If you have a works order that takes 10 minutes of the resource per 1 it can do 6 an hour or 48 a day. This is the capacity for this item. You can infinite or finite. Meaning if it is finite and there is no time for the work it pushes the order into the future.

Thanks AdmaRoue for the reply , in my case the resources and its capacity , the setup time and run time are not important , but I can create many production orders as required ignoring the capacity and other data related to resources management and get the required quantity and cost for each production order, is this true??

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If there is not setup time or run time, but you account for the cost of time/labour elsewhere then you would not cost your times, you would run the system with infinite capacity and carry on with all the information and costing you require.

Thanks for reply , in my case I don’t want to cost my time and include it in the produced item cost, also the resources capacity and availability(time) management not important as I don’t have a lot of production transactions and can be easily tracked without the need of system management , so I can proceed with my production cycle without setup the capacity and run time for the resources and get the cost and quantity as required , is this true??

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It is the statement “get the cost required” that is troublesome. Clearly labour time is value add and adds cost, so you need to include it elsewhere, but yes you can run production without routings altogether and still get the quantity and cost required if the cost elements give you what you require.