Capacity Ledger Entry

Please Note: Question is based on North American NAV 5.0 (SP1)

Hi Experts,

Could you please explain me the use of Capacity Ledger entry accessed from a Released/ Finished Production Order?

I basically want to know 2 things about it,

  1. How is the ‘Quantity’ calculated here? (Based on what information)

  2. What information can we track from this journal in a practical scenario?

I believe the ‘Output Quantity’ shows here is the number of finished items.

Thanks! Ilak

Quantity is the time u post against ur routing e.g. for 1 operation u have posted run time as 2 hrs and setup time as 3 hrs then total quantity for one line will be 5 hrs.

U have reports based on these and cost calculation of FG also is done based on times posted, though remember all time types does not count towards cost.

Clear. Thanks again!