can't unapply invoice from payment

I am having trouble with appliying invoices to payments in Dynamics NAV, For example I get the following error a lot:

“Before you can unapply this entry, you must first unapply all application entries in Vendor ledger entry no. 798642 that were posted after tthis entry.”

Is there any guidance on applying and unapply invoices and credit memos to payments as it seems much more difficult than it should be?

UNapplying is really complicated, especially, if trying to do it in the middle of continuous chain of (partial) applyments.

In older versions of NAV it was not implemented at all because of this complexity, now we have a limited functionality of it.

The msg you quoted means what it says - you must unapply all the following entries after that one you need to eliminate, because pulling out something in the middle of chain will affect all the following entries, they must be reapplied differently now.

However, depending on the exact case, there may be situations that UNappying is impossible even in the latest versions of NAV.