can't start the AX

When i installed AX client, i had ever opened and used. It suddently close the AX window. and shut off everything.

When i try to open Dynamic AX 2009 again, i never be able to open it.

now When we start the AX, it always popup 3 options:

  1. Check online for solution and close the program

  2. Close the program

  3. Debug the program

And none of the option could open the AX and connect to the server.

I tried to reinstall and repair the AX client. but it still doesn’t work.

Anybody could help? really appreciate


Have you installed all pre-requisites for Ax client? For a list, please refer to Ax installation guide.

Also what is the OS of client?


Check if the service for Ax . perhaps it start with "Dynamics Ax

is started?

You can do it from My Computer>> Manage>> Services & Application>> Services