Can't print more than 1 copy of the report

Hello everyone.
This issue is getting me mad, because with other reports, I don’t have any problem to print more than 1 copy. I use the same estructure and code for this report, but I don’t get what I need.
This is my structure:
As you can see, I only have one URL, where I would get an image for using it as the background image for this report, that in this case, it will be a sticker. The report itself hasn’t got any shown fields, just the image.
I will get the number of copies as RequestPage (copias), and the code is this one:

The issue is that I am using the same approach for other reports, and it works fine.
What could be my problem? Any hint?
PD: I am using NAV2013R2

Please add outputNo in DataItem and do grouping on outputNo in layout.

please do correct onPreDataItem Trigger Code.
CopyLoop - OnPreDataItem()
NoOfLoops := ABS(NoOfcopies) +1;
IF NoOfLoops <= 0 THEN
NoOfLoops := 1;
Copytext := ‘’;
OutputNo := 1;

Yes, i have also agree with mr. Dileepa K B .
Have a great Day…

Add OutputNo like this?


The thing is that in the layout I don’t have any object, no rows, not nothing. Now i just have an image, I changed it instead of putting the image in the background. How can I group on OutputNo??

Thaniks for your help