Can't Post PO

Hi All,

My client has encounter an issue can’t post the PO. Below is the error message:

8171.PO issue.jpg

What I need to do? Please advise.

Hi aiman

please me details like you received less quantity than the Ordered quantity in PO.

like if you ordered 100 Pcs of Item A, but you only received 50 Pcs??


Hi Ramandeep,

Ya… but in this case, user has ordered 1, but she want to post 0.5 only. Which setting I need to change?


It depends on the UOM associated with Item. You need to choose the Unit which has Decimal precision allowed at Rounding.

Go to Unit of your item and declare the Decimal precision= 2 and then try posting the PO. Check and let me know.

And for the Under delivery issue, just mark the Accept underdelivery check-box in Procurement and Sourcing parameters.