Can't move cursor in new main menu

Hi all, In 3.60 I’ve made a new subform in the main menu by copying a existing subform and changing the caption. I also copied the corresponding button and made the small extension in the code to switch the visible property in my new subform. Everything works fine, but I can’t move the cursor to the entries in the subform. I can click them, but selection via keyboard doesn’t work at all. I’ve searched for differences between the new and the standard subforms, but haven’t found anything. Any hints? Thanks Alex

Hi, First check if the keyboard is connected properly to your system. Secondly check the editable property on the form. Thats all i can think off. Thanks Best regards Suresh.

It is no hardware problem, and the keyboard only dosn’t work in my new subform. Exept of the new part, the main menu works as usual. The editable property is checked. Alex

Hi Alex What happens if you move the cursor by hand to your subform (Main Menu left), select it with ‘Enter’ and then press the right arrow key? Is the cursor still in the left Main Menu? bye André

Check the subform’s property Focusable; if FALSE it works as you describe.

André, if I try like you described, nothing happens. The cursor stays in the left part of the main menu. If I click a menu in my new subform, it gets selected and the related form opens, but the cursor stays in the left part of the main menu. And because the new subform is a copy of the subform containig form 332 (only the properties ID, Name and SubformID have been changed) the Focusable property is still set to yes.