Can't launch the WebShop website

Error Type: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8) Object required: ‘Application(…)’ /default.asp, line 9 when I tried to launch the website, the message above shown. I installed everything in Windows 2000 (Domain Controller). When I tried to look at the asp source code with line 9, I noticed that it couldn’t create the Application('MSCSSite"). What is wrong with the site server commerce edition. I had installed the service pack 4 for the site server but still the same problem happened. why ?

You need a “special” Global.asa for using Web-Shop with Windows 2000… Brgds

I noiticed it too in the error message but wat do u mean of special “global.asa” and where to get it ?

Some things to keep in mind. The problem is not with Web Shop, but with Site Server running on Windows 2000. There is a patch and hotfix for Site Server on Windows 2000 on Microsoft’s website. Have a look. :slight_smile:

Try rem-ing line 145 of the global.asa file…