Can't get CommercePortal-Demo running

Hello, I can’t get CommercePortal running. I installed (on one computer): - Win2k Server - with IIS - Active Directory - DNS - Message Queue Server - MS SQL Server 2000 - MS Commerce Server2000 - Navision Application Server - with CommercePortal Addon - Navision Server - Navision Attain - Navision Commerce Portal. (plus all servicepacks …) It seems that ADS is up and running, DNS ist working and Message Queues too. In Attain, when looking at the database connection there are 2 connections/Sessions. Attain itself and NAS. How it should be, I think. The problem I have has to do with “synchronization” (correct me if I’m wrong). I want the Navision Server database to synchronize with MS SQL Server. In Attain (with the ‘Chronus AG’) I can choose “synchronize”, Attain synchronizes something, but it looks as if Attain syncs its db with its own db. And NOT with the MS SQL server. How can i check this? All I really want is: Open Webbrowser (IE 5.5), go to and see the Chronus AG example. But it doesn’t work. Instead I get this: ----------------------------------------------------------- Kompilierungsfehler in Microsoft VBScript- Fehler ‘800a03ea’ Syntaxfehler /iisHelp/common/500-100.asp, line 160 elseIf (objASPError.Description > “”) Then ^ Laufzeitfehler in Microsoft VBScript- Fehler ‘800a01a8’ Objekt erforderlich: ‘Application(…)’ /commerceportal/include/properties.asp, line 26 ------------------------------------------------------------ Can somebody please help me?

Make sure that you are running W1 and not DEU. The ASP pages in Commerce Portal are W1. [8]