Cant figure out LedgerJournalTrans and CustTrans/VendTrans relation for settlement


i need to settle CustTrans and VendTrans transactions from code, for this i need to figure out what is LedgerJournalTrans → CustTrans or VendTrans relation,

LedgerJournalTrans.CustTransId and LedgerJournalTrans.VendTransId are both 0, so this doesnt work

what is the relation used for General journal lines (LedgerJournalTrans) → Vendor or Customer transactions in settlement of general journal line (VendTrans or CustTrans) ?

For settling posted transactions (vendTrans and custTrans), why do you need to find the LedgerJournalTrans?

In my modification i create a GL journal from code with multiple lines and iterate over it later (ledgerJournalTrans) and need to settle all of its transactions, so i can iterate over all ledgerJournalTrans and as i understand it must have a relation between those two tables becouse it can be done manually in GL Line → Functions → Settlement → vendTrans line → OK → its back to GL line and updates corresponding one, so i understand it must have a relation :slight_smile: