Can't Edit or Create Field in Enterprise Portal - InventJournalTrans


i have a problem. I made a DataSet with InventJournalTrans DataSource. I put it in webPart as “Dynamics user control web part”. Propertie on AxGridView are set to Enable editing. All BoundFields are ReadOnly=“false”. I use DataKeyNames=“JournalId,LineNum”. Every single field from InventJournalTrans i’m able to edit, but the ItemId, JournalId and LineNum. These look like readOnly. Why it is so? How can i make them editable too??


As I observed, In the Table InventJournalTrans, the field ItemId’s allowedit property is set to False. that is the reason the itemid is non editable



Thats the key, thanks.

But strange why doesn’t work AllowEditOnCreate=“yes” property in Enterprise Portal for that field.

Here the base priority is given to table. If you change its property in Enterprise portal form, finally the value is saved in table whose allow edit property is set to false.

So the field is non editable always until you change the property in table level.

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