Can't Delete Purch Table

Dear all,

I want to delete all data in Purchase Order.So i started with deleting PurchTable. but it can’t be deleted. the purchase line must be invoiced first. Any body know to delete all data and settings in Purchase Order??

You must delete all related tables.

PurchTable, PurchLine, inventTrans, related inventory journals in case there are some, related posting to GL comming from PO journal postings, maybe planned purch orders. I believe its all, considering you do not use production (I do not know production, there might be some additional relation…)

Beware of deleting sequence.

Btw what do you need it for?

my client didn’t use the PO, so i thinks it will be better to keep it empty without any data from CEU.

What table should i delete first?



It is not as simple as deleting few tables here and there.

Why don´t you just run ´SysDatabaseTransDelete´class? This will delete all transactions leaving master and setup data in the system.

If your client is not going use to them, why you have created and posted?

You cannot delete the transactions which are partially posted. (PO in your case)

Either you update them fully or reverse the posted transactions and then try to delete them.

If it is at startup stage you can go with deleting the transactions as suggested.

it was created from CEU data. I have uploaded master data and completed all the setting in a company account then i duplicate the company account for entering transaction. but some setting and master data is from CEU, not from my company account.