can't create lines at sales order - test inv - ax 2009


i try to create new sales order

when i tru to sale an item, (put item name and qty) i go down to create new line and get this message

Cannot create a record in Order lines (SalesLine). Sales order: SO00005003, XX-XXXX.
The record already exists.

also print screen attached ,

what can i do ?1538.Capture.PNG

The error means that there already is a record in database with the same value of a unique key as the record you’re trying to insert.

that’s my problem, i don’t have order with that number …

even if i make a new order i get the same message …

The message is about an order line, not the order header.

Verify that right data is inserted to database and search the SalesLine table for values of all unique indexes (e.g. InventTransId). The problem may be in inconsistent database, not in the order you’re creating.

i create new order and new line at the new order ,

there i no order number with the new number

what do you think is the problem ?

Sorry, I don’t have anything to add to my last answer. I still think you should and analyze your data.