cant create a return using puchase order

[B)] Hi, I am trying to create a return for a puchase using a puchase order with a negative quantity. However when I try to post this order (receive & invoice) I get a pop-up-screen saying “Amount must be negative in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=”,Journal Batch Name=",Line No=‘0’" Why do I get this error? In the manuals and online help it says that one can use a purchase order as opposed to a return order to handle returns. Just use a negative quantity. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Please help!! Dianne

Hello, This used to be possible in older versions, but is no longer now. I believe that the online help is incorrect [B)], rather than there being a ‘bug’ in the software, as this stopped being possible when Return Orders were added. I would use a Credit Memo or Return Order instead.

Actually its never been possible. Basically there are two issues. 1/ The return of items to a vendor (or from a customer in Sales Order). The quantity can be negative without anyproblems, and will always work. 2/ Net value of the created Invoice. This must always be >=0 (i.e. you can not create a negative invoice). Its puely a control mechanism, and it is generally pretty safe to tdelet eth erorr message if your client needs to do this as a regular process. The idea of negative orders, is for the case where you want to do a return and replace ont he same document, where the net value will then be zero, and thus allowed by Navision.

Dear David and Edward, Thank you so much for your help on how to use purchase/sales orders for returns. Your advice has really helped me understand how these orders work in terms of returns. Much appreciated! [:)] Dianne