Can't connect with database Engine

Hi all,

i can’t connect with database engine using both authentication (windows authentication and sql server Authentication) in sql server 2014. i get same error for both authentication. please give me some solution for these error…


Have you installed Database engine? Just verify this. Go to “SQL Server 2014 Configuration Manager” and check if you can see the server NAV1\NAVDEMO1. If yes probably you need to restart the service.

Hi Akkrahul,

I understand that you are unable to connect to your SQL instance using any “admin” account. If this truly is the issue, then I would recommend creating a new SQL instance (making sure to note the credential info), then restoring the DB backup(s) from the current “inaccessible” SQL instance. Please note that this method will make the DB(s) accessible, but may require additional work to redirect any application connections that will need to access the new SQL instance.

The procedure above is also know as a SQL server transfer. Please research the various NAV SQL server transfer procedural materials for more information specifically related to NAV.