Can't Connect to Subscriber Database From NAV Classic Client

We’re using NAV 6.0 classic client with a SQL Server 2008 database. We recently set up a replicated copy of the production database to use for reporting with Jet Reports, but users were unable to connect to this subscriber database. We then tried having users connect to the database using the NAV client and non-sysadmin users received the following error.

The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘Object’, database ‘Nav’, schema ‘dbo’."

For sysadmin users, we can connect to the subscriber database, but receive errors when we try to navigate. An example error is this:

Hint ‘noexpand’ on object ‘dbo.TCCA$Detailed Cust_ Ledg_ Entry$VSIFT$4’ is invalid.

I tried running the query that raised that error without the NOEXPAND hint and it ran. The indexed views are replicated from the production database.

Has anyone tried using a subscriber database for reporting in either NAV or Jet Reports? It appears that there is more than one issue here and we obviously can’t change the query to not use NOEXPAND.

I resolved the issue with the NOEXPAND error on the indexed view. The solution would ne to not replicate the indexed views so they are not materialized as tables in the subscriber database. I tested that with a few of the indexed views and that error went away.

I was also able to resolve the issue with the non-sysadmin users accessing this subscriber database from the NAV client. I added a test user to the db_owner role and the error went away and I was able to connect as that user. I would prefer not to have to grant this level of access to a group of report users. If anyone has any suggestions on an alternative, it would be helpful.