Can't adjust the Expense transaction like I do the Hour and Fee transactions - AX 2012 Featurepack


There are a couple of custom fields in the ProjCostTrans, ProjRevenueTrans, and proEmplTrans in the Project management and accounting module. I was able to adjust the fields separately individually while adjusting the Hour and Cost transactions and I see that 2 additional lines get created in each scenario and I see that the custom fields are updated. I don’t see the same happening with the Expense (ProjCostTrans) lines. It is simply return the message ‘No transaction updated for transaction ID TRN-XXXXX’.

It only adjust the Expense line only in the case when I pass in a ‘NonBill’ but in that case it doesn’t serve my purpose because the billable line out of the 2 new lines wouldn’t have the custom updated value. In the case of the Hour and Fee lines they are getting adjusted as expected by just updating the custom fields (didn’t have to pass in the line property id) and the message says

‘New transactions created for transaction ID TRN-XXXXX.’

Has anyone ran into this scenario and was there a solution to it or is it by nature of the Expense transactions and the custom fields can’t be updated? Can some one shed some light?