can't add column to grid


in PurchEditLines form (ax 3.0) i have a grid in the first tab, the grid in AOT contains two dateedit field, their visible property is set to true, but i don’t see them in the form. The two columns don’t compare even in user option, so it is not possible to add them. they seem to be somehow “hidden”. Is there something i can change to show the fields?

Hi Teena,

I am working in Ax 4.0, in that in PurchEditLines form, the first tab is “Overview”.

And on that tab, there is no date type field.

If there is any date type field and it is hide, then check it from table > fields > visible property,

then on datasource and then on control. As you said you already checked that in code.

I hope it helps…


Hi Manish,

all visible properties (control, datasource, table) are set to true… but i don’t see the column in the grid.

It seems to be very strange…

hi Teena,

its strange.[:O]

the only other thing, I supposed to check is, check that whether on grid > properties > DataGroup is set.

If yes, then check that if that the date type field is of element of that field group on table or not.

It happens, as also in ur case, if we add field(s) in group/grid where we set datagroup property, it wont show the fields that are not the member of that datagroup.

Check that one also.[Y]

Hope it will help u…