Can't access form C/AL code

I can’t access the C/AL code for Form 255 Cash Receipt Journal If I am in Design and I Edit> Select Object, then View, the C/AL Code (F9) option is grey. Tools> License includes: Report & Dataport Designer Form Designer Table Designer I am able to access the C/AL Code for a report. I am trying to get to where I could specify the OnNewRecord Function. Am I not licensed or do I not know how to access the C/AL code? Thanks

I dont think form designer on its own allows access to C/AL code for a form, sorry! [:(] Ive never seen form designer granule but i know it to be the case with report designer and table designer. edd

Edward is correct…You will need Application Builder to access any code. The only exception is Reports which are user created (You only need Report Designer).