Cannot use job scheduling

Hi everyone,

i’m using ax 2009, i have a problem with module production

here’s the scenario:

i created new work center and work center group, with same setting as in demo

i created a route and bom for new item,

i created production order, and then when i want to update into job scheduling, this error message pop-up:

“The referenced work center cannot comply with the work center quantity requirement of the route.”

but when i change the work center using demo work center, the production order can be used for job scheduling.

the error showed only for new work center group

can somebody help me, why i can’t use this new work center, is there any required setting, that i missed??


The answer is on the error message. You are probably specifiying more than one work center in the work center quantity field on the route. If the work center group contains less number of work centers then you will get that message.


thank you for the reply,

but I only set 1 for the qty field of work center on the route,

and also in master of that new work center group, I set-up 2 work center,

(all setting in new work center and work center group is duplicate demo work center group)

the strange is, if i change the work center group using the demo work center group,

i can scheduled the production order.

any another suggestion?


Have you setup a calendar for those work centers?

What are your work centre group settings? Remember changes to the group do not update the work centres if they are already set up.

Fabricio & Adam,

thank you for the reply

yes, i already set the calendar on work center using demo calendar- mfg calendar

for adam:

in general tab, I only fill site field with 1, and type field with machine (same with work center)

efficiency 100%, and calendar in work center grup is manufacturing calendar (same with work center)

in ledger tab, filled with account

in operation tab, i fill route group and cost categories

in time tab, i left blank, i fill run time with 8, process quantity 30 and hours/time with 1 (I also do the change in Work Center)

(in route, I set run time with 8, process quantity 20 and hours/time with 1)

Dimension tab, i don’t do any change.

is there any field that i missed that should be filled up??


do you get the same error when you do operations scheduling? Another thing, in the work center group form, select the group and then go to the tab page Update, what is the value in the field, work center number?


the error only occured, when i want to update the production order into job scheduled.

in work center group, tab update - the value in work center number is 2.

I managed to repro the error message, I have a production order with a route with secondary operations, like this:

10 - Principal - OP1 - WCG - Quantity 2

10- Secondary 1 - OP2 - WC1 - Quantity 1

WCG contains WC1 and WC2 and because WC1 is used for 10-Principal, there is no capacity for the secondary operation.

How are your defined your operations in your route?


I defined my operation like this:

10-primary-OP1-WCG#15- quantity 1(the WCG have 2 work center, each X & Y)

20-primary- OP2-WCG#17-quantity 1(the WCG have 2 work center, each A& B)


Then without looking into your system I cannot figure out the issue. Please feel free to take this offline, my email is


Ok then, i will contact you by email you provided.



thank you very much for solving this problem,

you rock!!

this problem because i use the code ‘#’, after i change the code, job scheduling can work again