Cannot update quantity with new dimensions ax 2012

when i completing picking list registration i need to enter batch number for item A quantity 1000. in the physical inventory there are 700 quantity of batch number B1 and 300 quantity of batch number B2. when i enter batch number B1 in the picking list registration line with quantity 1000, the line is splitted in to 2 lines, the first line with batch number B1 for quantity 700, reserved. the second line with batch number B1 with quantity 300, not reserved. then i change batch number in line 2 with batch number B2 since batch number B1 is all reserved againts line 1. But then when i “Update all” picking list registration, infolog error “Cannot update quantity 300 with new dimensions” appeared. Anyone can help me so when updating batch number in second line the error does’nt appear. Thank you :smiley:

Can you post a screenshot of Item model group form of that batch controlled item?

1524.6-18-2014 10-46-42 AM.jpg

thanks for your help :smiley:

Dear Artemisia,

if you have register this item then take the following steps

un register this item from picking list.

then take the below following step to finish your task

(1) Picking List Registration

(2) update line

(3) Pick list

(4) Add Picking list update

(5) here there will be batch selection also

(6) select the batch and adjust the quantity as per your scenario.

this will solve your problem.

Dear Husain,

Thank you for your reply, but usually i do picking list first then picking list registration. Are you suggesting to cancel picking list registration and repeat posting process from the start?

Thank you for posting the screen-shot. I just wanted to check if Same batch selection is enabled. Anyhow what is the default reservation in AR parameters for sales order?

And I’m not sure if its a customized process as generally I believe no such restriction is enforced per batch as far as I know. Once can you try this: Reserve the 2nd line after changing the batch number and then try the Update all function in Pick list registration. Try and let me know.