Cannot start Navision with large cache setting.

I have a Navision 2.6 Server running on a Navision database on Windows NT4 SP6a. The server has 3 x 1.2Gb database files on separate disks and 1GB of RAM in the server. I can start the server service with 770MB of cache (DBMS cache) allocated with no problems. I cannot start the service when I try to allocate more cache in the startup parameters (Eg cache=900000). I receive an error ‘Could not start the Service, error 0001, incorrect function’ This also generates an error in the System Event log: ‘Financials Server service terminated with the error: incorrect function’ and a couple of errors in the Application Event log: ‘The operating system returned the error(87), The parameter is incorrect’ and ‘The initialisation process failed’ There is nothing else installed on the server so leaving 100MB for the OS should be OK. The server has a 1GB page file and I’m not currently seeing any paging. Any suggestions has to how to resolve this?

Hello Phil, Long time no hear! I would get the same error message me from time to time when setting up or re-starting services. I have found the following always worked for me: Stop the service, uninstall the service via command prompt, re-set the service parameters in command prompt and re-install the service in command prompt, before re-starting the service. Failng this, I would uninstall the service and re-install from scratch with the new parameters. These always seemed to work for me - Let me know if it works for you. Hope this is of help! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited Edited by - EBloom on 2002 Apr 26 13:33:55

If you’re having 1 GB RAM on an NT4 server and you’re trying to use 900MB on the navision service cache it’s totally logical getting an error, 'cos you’re going out of memory. Remember windows (and all other process your machine runs) needs also it’s own amount of memory, and the dbms cache is supposed to be allocated in the RAM of the server, so if you set-up a dbms cache too big, it will try to get more than the available memory and give you an error. I remember that this was also explained a bit more detailed long time ago in this forum… but i cannot remember when. Probably if you search “cache” you’ll find the thread. Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

Alfonso, that is not correct :slight_smile: You can set the cache to values larger than the physical memory in the computer. The value that limits the cache is the amount of virtual memory. However, it would not be wise to have a cache larger than the physical memory - or even close to the amount of physical memory - as this will cause the computer to swap memory segments to/from disk, and thereby making the cache useless. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

I recently experienced this error at a 3.01b site that has 2GB of RAM on the server. Navision was originally installed with whatever the default cache setting was. We wanted to take advantage of all that RAM. To make a long story short, the highest cache value we could enter and not get the error was 800000. Although everything I have says Navision Server supports up to 1GB, we could not go past 800000. This was confirmed by Navision US support.