Cannot Settle Clearing Entries (Postdated Check) --> Using Workflow journal


Can anyone help me,I was confused about setting posdated check that using Journal Type Customer paymet → using workflow approval journal ,an error occured–> “This operation can only be performed on checks which are posted and mature” when i click settle clearing entries. Can anyone help me about this issue…

thank you



Dear Ivan

Did you post your payment journal?

If yes, you have to wait for mature date to be able to settle clearing entries.



I’m facing the same issue, i did post the payment journal and waited for mature date, but still cannot settle clearing entries. Any help ?? .

Many thanks


We found that when you post a journal using the “post” button on the journal header, the custVendPDCRegister.PDCStatus will not be updated to posted. Please write a job to update the field and than try again. But once we settled the check we found the date is the original payment day while we think it should be the date we settled the check. Any idea here? Thanks.