Cannot send a form by email - ClrObject error

Hello. I have a question about sending a print preview form to email.

For example, when we select any Sales Order or Purchase Order form (confirmation, picking list, invoice, etc.) a preview of the print out will appear on the screen. Then, after we select the Print icon > Send to E-mail Recipient (fill in address) and click on OK we get an infolog error message.

The error is: “ClrObject static method invocation error.”

It seemed like it started to happen after we changed the AOS service user. The SQL service user was also changed within a few days of the AOS but I am not sure if either of these actions could have caused the problem. Everything else in AX and SQL is working fine.

We did put the original SQL and AX service users back in play after we saw the e-mail error but it did not make a difference.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this error?

Once again, thanks in advance!

Wanted to follow up on this one for anyone who may be interested.

The problem was that the SMTP password in the Administration > E-mail Parameters form got corrupted. Re-entered the correct password and e-mail was up and running again. Not sure if this could have been caused by the changes we made to service users but I am glad we figured it out.