Cannot see DP class in Visual studio

Hi All,

I have created DP class in AX for report.

When i open the list of DP classes for selection in Visual studio as query , i cannot see my class.

Can anybody help me urgently what could be the issue ?


Make sure you have the following steps followed to view the DP class,

  1. Verify the class declaration has extend the class from SRSReportDataProviderBase class.

  2. Make sure you have the following line before class declaration:

  3. In the VS, for the newly created dataset by clicking Ctrl + Enter, set the data source type to ‘Report Data Provider’ and then select the query property and click the ellipses to open the RDP class selection window to list all the DP classes.



It worked for me.

But what if i do not use Query in my Report ?

There are other ways also which do not require Query to be used.
In that case what should be done ?

Hi Lalit,

You can refer to the below blog on how to generate the SSRS reports using RDP class for more details.

RDP Reports