Cannot Reverse Cheque because the "Payment Reversal" button is greyed out

Hi All,

Do you know why I cant do payment reversal for some of the cheques because the Payment Reversal Button is greyed out?

If you go to Bank → Common Form → Cheques, I noticed that some cheques have the payment reversal button greyed out and some doesn’t.

I really need to reverse the cheque because it was incorrect. This transaction is not reconciled with the Bank yet.

Any help or hints would be very much appreaciated.



This button is available only if the check has a status of Paid.

Payment reversal is for vendor account only, for ledger account you have to do manual reversal entry.

hi All,

Thanks for all your help. I Found the issue.

The voucher number on the Bank Cheque table did not match the voucher on the Vendor Transaction.

That’s why the button greyed out.