Cannot reserve the transaction again because dimensions are locked


In AX 2012, I have a production order, and it is derived from another production order. In the parent production order, there is a batch group specified for the item. However when I firm the planned production order and after it is created, the batch group is blank. Then I specify the batch group for the item which is the same batch group on the parent production order. I got an error “Cannot reserve the transaction again because dimensions are locked”. But if I don’t specify the batch group, I can’t RAF this production order since batch group is a mandatory dimension.

Any idea?


You have primary stocked your batch dimension I guess so the reservation is there. In the sub-production I do not believe there is code to push the parent ProdBOM reference to the RAF of the sub-production, not that I have tried it. If the sub-production is blank it is this reporting that drives the RAF and consumption in the parent, which means you cannot primary stock it because at creation of the sub-prod the RAF batch is unknown but the parent is linked to the ProdBOM reference.

However you use the phrase “Batch Group” so you may want to re-state the issue with an example.