Cannot rename item code ####### in Item Details

Error message is displayed as below;

“Cannot edit a record in scehuling list item (RegProcessItemLine) scheduling process; The record already exist.”

kindly help me if you guys faced similar error in past!


Change the number sequence. it may resolves…

Hi Ven,

Thx, but whr i can make the changes? can u show me the steps?

go to “parameters” in that module → go to “Number sequence” tab and find out which number sequence is using for that scheduling list item. right click on number sequence code and go to main table form. another form will open findout that number sequence code in that another form. change the value in the format field by adding one more charactor at the end of the value.

so that it will change the format of the number sequence and the possibillities to get the errors will be reduced.

try it …


Need to find out root cause.The above error will be thrown due to index(Primary key) also.Are you inserting or updating the record by code or manually creating the record in the table.It is not advisable to change the number sequence before finding the root cuase of this error.Kindly explain the process.


I found the solution by setting the Number sequense as follow: Go to General tab from number sequence Main table form > TICK To Allow Changes: to a Lower number, thus, to be able to create the lowest item number. This is because the number sequence for the Item Number has been set as smallest: 9300000 and largest: 9300702 but the changes tried to make was 413711.

Shan :slight_smile: